Why should you have chiropractic care during pregnancy?

12 February 2022

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Problems with your back and pelvis can be common during pregnancy. Unfortunately, part of the reason is that your spine, pelvis, and nervous system are not working properly to begin with. 

Pregnancy changes the body in many different ways; this is mainly due to hormone changes. The one I want to focus on is the release of the hormone RELAXIN. This hormone plays a huge role in being able to give birth vaginally. It relaxes the ligaments of your pelvis among other things. Back and hip pain in your pregnancy might start to develop because of instability within the pelvis. Alongside the added weight/pressure of your growing bump, it can, for some women, become a problem. 

Fortunately, if you keep your spine and pelvis functioning as well as it possibly can during this time, the likelihood of pain and discomfort is massively reduced. 

So, how do you keep your spine and pelvis functioning well during pregnancy?

Chiropractors are trained in a wide variety of techniques to help deal with the stresses of pregnancy. Usual chiropractic adjustments can be modified and extra checks are done that are specific for pregnancy. 

All treatment that you will receive is very safe for you and your growing baby. Your Chiropractor will also be able to give advice on how to maintain a stable pelvis. This could be anything from how to get out of bed or a car, to what is best to do in the gym or what stroke to swim. 

 Is chiropractic care after giving birth important? Do I still need to come if I don’t feel pain in my pelvis or spine?

Having a re-exam with your Chiropractor is hugely beneficial after you give birth, whether you gave birth vaginally or had a c-section. I always advise pregnant mums to continue with their plan of care up to as close to giving birth as possible, and to come back as soon as they are ready. Most of my patients return to care between three and six weeks after giving birth. I was adjusted 10 days post birth and so was my daughter.

Once you have given birth, your body’s center of gravity will completely change. This instantly puts pressure on your pelvis and spine where it hasn’t been for months. Settling into motherhood is fantastic, but it can be an overwhelming time. The last thing a mother needs is to be worrying if her back will hurt if she picks up her baby too much, or if she’ll get a headache from her neck pain whilst feeding her baby. 

I have a happy, healthy baby, do they still need to see a chiropractor?

For the last 9 months your baby has been growing inside you. More towards the end of the pregnancy, the baby becomes very compact and not able to move very much. That is why it’s so common to see newborns with their knees coming up towards their chest; they are so used to being in that position.

I believe all babies should have their spines and pelvis checked when they are very young. If your Chiropractor finds/treats the baby’s spine, this can help prevent problems from arising in the future. Chiropractic techniques are different for babies. They are much more gentle and completely safe for their softer spines. 

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Dr Lacey Prosser, Willow Chiropractic, Emersons Green Clinic


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