Modern medicine for all its advances knows less than 10% of what your body knows instinctively

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No type of doctor heals his patients, whether that be a surgeon or a Chiropractor. Think of chiropractic, we believe the body to be self-healing. Adjustments facilitate the body’s healing processes, not heal the body itself. The brain and nervous system send a constant stream of messages to the rest of the body, creating a feedback loop of information. When you make choices, it adds to this feedback loop.

These signals are either positive (enhancing health and well-being) or negative (harmful to health and well-being). We want to take a holistic view, where we see the feedback loop in physical terms, but also takes into account the subjective world. Fixating on the physicalist approach, modern medicine has constructed a map to health that puts almost the whole emphasis on physical measures.

Remember, this month and last months A1 QOM is to be displayed in clinics.

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