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Paul's story

Treated at Yate clinic

I have been coming to Willow Yate for some time but recently started having massage sessions, initially with Tim and now with Imi. I am finding the sessions really beneficial. Imi is friendly and knowledgeable whilst making my back feel and work much better. I also do yoga sessions and find that the adjustments Imi does aid my yoga sessions and in everyday life. I am able to move more and in more comfort so thank you Imi and Willow Chiropractic.


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Sandra's story

Treated for Sciatica pain at our Yate clinic

After years of joint pain, heart surgery, a stroke then a trapped sciatic nerve, I was at my lowest. I couldn’t walk very far without pain and I was on a high dose of painkillers. Hannah started treatment and after a few weeks I was feeling better. ”

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Karen's story

Treated for Head pain at our Nailsea clinic

Liam has worked wonders and in the 6 weeks I have been attending, I've only had one headache which is amazing.”

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Arnold's Story

Treated for Back pain at our Yate clinic

From day one of my treatment I felt good and this has carried on. I feel now I have a healthy body and a healthy mind.”

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