How to drink more water

07 March 2022

staying hydrated- it's health benefits

Water is incredibly important for your health. It influences so many of your body’s processes and functions. Without enough water, these can’t be carried out as efficiently, and your body won’t be functioning as it should. If you’d like to read more about how water influences your health, click here.

When our patients start care with us, we stress how important it is to be drinking water to compliment your adjustments and improve your spinal health. So many of them tell us that they struggle to drink enough water every day.

If you are someone that struggles to drink enough water today, keep reading. Here are five ways that you can make sure you are drinking enough water…

Understand your water intake

For every 35kg that you weigh, you should be drinking at least 1 litre of water per day.

Set yourself goals

Once you understand your water intake, use this figure to set yourself a goal. You now have a base level for the amount of water that you should be drinking, so you can adapt this depending on your activities for the day. You can even break this into smaller chunks to make it more manageable. 

For example, by 12pm I will have had x amount to drink, and by 3pm I will have had y amount to drink. 

Drink one glass of water with every meal

This will benefit your digestion as water helps to break down the food you eat, so that your body can absorb the nutrients. Not only this, over time it will become a trigger. Every time you sit down to eat, you will be reminded that it’s time to drink some water. This will help you to incorporate this into your daily routine and contribute to your water requirements.

Add flavour to your water

Often, we hear the excuse “I don’t like the taste of water” as to why people don’t drink enough water. This isn’t really a valid reason. There are a variety of different ways that you can make water more exciting. You could add fresh fruit (like strawberries and lemon), ginger, or herbs (like mint or lavender).

The longer you let them soak in the water, the stronger the flavour will be. You could even play around with different combinations, like cucumber and mint or raspberry and lemon. For more ideas on how to flavour your water, click here.

Use a marked water bottle

This will encourage you to keep drinking water throughout the day, and it’s satisfying to see your progress as you go through the day too. We always talk about how important it is to measure your daily habits like drinking water, and this provides you with a great way to measure and keep you accountable. 

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