The six important ways to begin a healthy 2017

25 January 2017

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We have all heard the clichéd expression “new year new me” but how many times have you thought, this will be the year I change and avoid the dreaded slip back as quickly as the idea comes around?

It’s never too late to take responsibility, start looking after yourself! In the long run your body will reach its optimal potential, thanking you for it.

We believe that there are 6 things you need to do to stay healthy and reach that new you status:

Good Sleep Habits

Having a consistently regular sleep pattern will give the body time it needs to repair and restore itself, allowing you to feel energised the next day.

Fact: You should aim for between 7-9 hours of sleep per night.


Having a good balanced diet can keep you healthy, prevent  disease such as diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease. It also has positive benefits on the mind, meaning you can function more efficiently.  

Fact: Did you know the Mediterranean diet is one of the best?

Exercise Regularly 

Exercise helps with maintaining your body weight, improving cardiovascular fitness and releases a great feeling; after all, has anyone ever regretted living a healthy lifestyle? Exercise can also have a massive impact with mental health. Having a positive effect on chemicals within the brain.

Fact: Exercising between 30-60 minutes a day is the recommended length to keep the body healthy.     

Keep Hydrated 

An average adult needs approximately 1.5 – 2 litres of fluid a day to stay hydrated. This can differ dependant on multiple things such as; age, diet, amount of physical exercise you do. Water is easily the best and most efficient way to stay hydrated, although if you do not like the taste simply add a little squash whilst being careful of the sugar content.

Fact: Water hydrates, fizzy drinks dehydrate.


Keeping your stress levels low is a much bigger deal than you think. When stressed your body goes into a fight or flight response, where you’re ready to deal with, what the brain believes, is a threat. However, if you’re constantly stressed this can keep the body in a prolonged state of fight or flight overexposing your body to negative hormones. Stress can increase anxiety and increase the risk of depression.

Fact: Yoga, breathing techniques and hobbies can reduce stress levels.


Keeping your nervous system firing properly will ultimately aid you with your day to day life. We tend to find patients sleep better, have more energy and exercise much more smoothly after being adjusted, these are benefits that everyone can enjoy.

Fact: Chiropractors focus on the spine & nervous system, adjusting the spine to release the pressure on nerves – aiding in pain recovery.

Strive to reach your new year goals?  Follow these steps for a fantastic head start!

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