Liam’s Story

Liam's testimonial Willow Chiropractic

“My back pain has been getting worse, particularly since having a child. It was horrific. I used to be extremely active, but then everything was agonising. Even walking would bring me to tears. Not being able to do everything I wanted made me angry, frustrated and miserable. I have been hospitalised before as I had…

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Hayley’s Story

Willow Chiropractic Hayley's Testimonial

“Before I started chiropractic care my right leg was experiencing numbness and tingling, which made it impossible to get comfortable. Different parts of my life were being impacted including how I would walk, sit and sleep. It was even uncomfortable to wear clothing. My mental health was getting worse as I was terrified that I…

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Yvonne’s Story

Yvonne's Story Willow Chiropractic

“I didn’t realise how tight my muscles in my legs were, and how restricted I was in my movements, until I had a sports massage. Suddenly small things I had put down to age, such as difficulty bending my knees to reach things off the floor, or having to use my arms to lower myself…

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Lottie’s Story

Rolf with a patient Willow Chiropracticv

“I started coming to Willow due to back and neck pain caused by my job as a beauty therapist. Having scoliosis didn’t help matters either!  Rolf has worked wonders on my back and neck meaning I am no longer in pain whilst working and has even managed to begin straightening my spine.  Thank you so…

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Kane’s Story

Rolf with a patient Willow Chiropractic

“I have suffered with headaches for the majority of my adult life and coming to Willow was my final option.  I’m so glad I did as my headaches have been reduced massively!  I’m excited for Rolf to continue his amazing work to help me on my road to recovery. I can’t thank him and the…

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Gerry’s Story

Gerry and Ollly Willow Chiropractic

“When I first came to see Olly my back was so stiff it was hampering my passion – golf! But after a number of sessions with him, it has transformed my swing. I can now swing through the ball which means I can hit it further and straighter. Thanks Olly!”

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Stuart’s Story

Stuart and Olly Willow Chiropractic

“I first came to see Olly in January hoping to address a couple of issues that had been affecting my ability to run with any confidence. I had attempted other treatments previously with limited success so I thought it worth giving chiropractic a try. I was impressed with the care taken to explain how the…

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Orla’s Story

Orla-Murphy and Gus- Willow Chiropractic

“I was referred to Gus by my employer. 10 years working as a chef and ignoring my pain for a further 7 years had left me dealing with constant back and shoulder pain. I was getting little or no sleep and having to use numerous pillows to hold my shoulder up at night. I had…

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