Hedley’s Story

Hedley Testimonial, willow chiropractic, Patient story, interview, FIlming

  Facing the challenges of life with deteriorating posture, balance issues, and persistent back pain, Hedley found himself in a constant struggle, with his quality of life significantly diminished. The turning point came when he discovered Willow Chiropractic in Nailsea, sparking a journey towards recovery and vitality. At Willow Chiropractic, Hedley was greeted by a…

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Justyna’s Story

Willow Chiropractic Justyna testimonial

“Before I started chiropractic care I wasn’t experiencing any major issues, but if I was walking or standing for a long period of time, I would get lower back pain. I would also have pain in my right knee when I was running. I decided to visit Willow Chiropractic to see if anything could be…

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Marc’s Story

Willow Chiropractic Marc's testimonial

“For the last 8 years I have struggled with severe neck pain. I had previously tried physiotherapy and even a back surgery to remove discs, but my pain still didn’t improve. I went through major surgery and still saw no progress. I felt so deflated. No matter what the pain would be there, which made…

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Susan’s Story

Susans Story Willow Chiropractic

“For a long time I have suffered with neck and shoulder problem which have led to tension headaches and migraines. I am so grateful to Anne for expertly easing my muscle aches and pains – I feel so much better. Anne is an exceptional deep tissue and sports massage therapist with a professional approach and…

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Barry’s Story

Barry Smith's story Willow Chiropractic

“For over six months now I have been suffering from an intermittent pain in one of the toes on my left foot. The pain, when it comes, is quite severe just for a few seconds and then subsides. This caused me great difficultly in walking, due to the pain and my general mobility was adversely…

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Hajnal’s Story

liam and Hajnal Willow Chiropractic

“We all have big dreams. Mine is getting my black belt in Karate and running a 220KM relay race with my friends. The strong pain in my knees made me lose hope that I can achieve all these and affected my self confidence. I didn’t want to live on painkillers, so I did a bit…

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Terry’s Story

peter and liam Willow Chiropractic

“15 months ago I was definitely feeling my age, beginning to accept and adapt to daily aches and pains, and painkillers. An advert for Willow caught my eye and I came along. I began my adjustments with Liam, and he started to coach me (or was it nagging?!) suggesting I ‘go for a walk’, ‘stop…

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Shirley’s Story

James and shirley Willow Chiropractic

“I came to Willow because I suffered with headaches. I was fed up with the pain in my neck and shoulders due to my job as a hairdresser. Since I have been seeing James I have had no headaches, just a slight headache occasionally. My sleep has improved, with no pain in my neck or…

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Carol’s Story

Liam and his patient Willow Chiropractic

“When I first made an appointment to see Liam, I was having difficulty lifting my arm above my head. After a few sessions I was pain free and able to manage my garden again.  I now take three exercise classes every week and walk every day. I have learnt Chinese fan dancing and exercise and…

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Rosemary’s Story

Rosemary Burgon and James Willow Chiropractic

“I have experienced lower back pain for many years and it got worse last year, so I decided to do something positive and went to Willow Chiropractic where I met Dr James Barber. With James’ help, encouragement and realistic long term plan I now feel so much better. It has been a long, often frustrating…

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