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May 16 2022


Walking Challenge Prep

If you’re not someone that walks regularly or is particularly active, diving straight into our walking challenge might be a little bit more difficult. So, ...

May 9 2022


Willow Walking Challenge

Welcome to the Willow Walking Challenge. Between the 20th and 24th June, we want you to walk 55,000 steps. We all know that we should ...

Apr 26 2022


Declutter your mind with brain dumping

Brain dumping helps you put all your thoughts down onto paper so that you can start to organise your thoughts. You can write down everything ...

Apr 19 2022


The Perils of Inactivity

Over the last couple of years, there has been a rise in the number of people who are working from home. What has become apparent ...

Apr 11 2022


The Seven Principles of Mindfulness

There are seven principles that form a good foundation for mindfulness, written by Jon Kabat-Zin. When you start to practise one of these elements, the ...

Apr 4 2022


Mindfulness Exercises

Mindfulness is the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed ...
Senior sciatica pain

Mar 31 2022


Chiropractic Care for Degenerative Disc Disease

Here at Willow Chiropractic, we understand that ageing is part of life, and as we grow older, back pain can become more prevalent. One of ...
Willow Nailsea

Mar 31 2022


Olivia’s Story

I had been receiving regular chiropractic care for 2 years when I brought my daughter Olivia in for her first check-up. She was five years ...

Mar 28 2022


Do I need to see a Chiropractor?

Most people know that the main elements of health include eating well, drinking enough water, exercising, and getting enough rest. But, have you ever considered ...

Mar 25 2022


Facts about your spine

Your spine is a very interesting part of your body. The design of the spine gives it incredible properties, like it's flexibility and protection of ...

Mar 21 2022


The best times to drink water

Your body tightly regulates its water balance, so drinking too much water at any one time isn’t good. It’s best to space out your water ...

Mar 18 2022


Cold weather and joint pain: Why does this happen?

The atmospheric pressure in colder months changes. This pressure is essentially the weight of the air that is around us. Atmospheric pressure can change because ...
Back Pain

Mar 11 2022


Chiropractic Treatment for Herniated Discs

At Willow Chiropractic we specialise in treating a wide range of pain related conditions, this includes the ‘dreaded’ herniated disc. In this article we are ...

Mar 10 2022


Why you should drink more water

We all know that we should drink more water for our health, but do we know why? Water plays a vital part in so many ...

Mar 7 2022


How to drink more water

Water is incredibly important for your health. It influences so many of your body’s processes and functions. Without enough water, these can’t be carried out ...

Mar 1 2022


The importance of water on your spinal health

There’s no denying that we have to drink plenty of water each day to maintain our health. We all know how water impacts our health. ...