Mental health & Physical health: What’s the difference?

13 January 2017

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What is the meaning of good mental health? “able state of mind, able to cope with the stresses of life and able to recognise one’s own abilities.”

You could be physically in good shape and healthy but if you are stressed at work, worrying about finances, or having relationship troubles the chemical change and effect on the body is substantial. 

There are many ways we could improve our mental state. Follow these ways to become healthier, more energetic and most importantly happier.

Adopting a Healthy Diet

Most of us are aware that a healthy, balanced diet is beneficial to our physical health. It can help with weight maintenance and protect against a range of illnesses, including heart disease and diabetes. However, your brain also needs a mix of nutrients to stay healthy & function well, just like other organs in your body. 

Fun fact: The Mediterranean diet is considered one of the healthiest diets. It incorporates a high consumption of beans, nuts, seeds, cereal, plant based foods and fruits. 

Regular Exercise

Exercise isn’t just for improving your overall fitness, it develops the mind too. This doesn’t mean you need to spend long, dull sessions on the treadmill to reap the mental benefits. It could simply mean taking a casual walk in nature, making the body work while promoting your mental well-being. Being cooped up indoors or living a largely lethargic lifestyle can have a knock-on effect on mental health. Yet getting physically fit and achieving personal goals boosts our confidence and self-esteem and helps combat feelings of hopelessness, which can often come over us when we’re feeling low.

Get More Sleep

Sleep is often overlooked. Poor sleep patterns can in time effect our mental well-being, leaving us prone to depression and many other illnesses. Did you know that in 2010 there was a research study that showed that people who have 5 hours or less sleep a night may be at higher risk of mental illness? 

A great way to promote a better night’s sleep is to have a bedtime ritual. Personally, I enjoy reading and writing before bed but your ritual could be a warm bath to relax, or something completely different! 

An average adult should sleep approx. 7-9 hours a night for maximum mental and physical potential and minimise any mental health risks.

So, what was your new year’s resolution? How about we train ourselves to be both physically and mentally healthy?

Mental health and Physical health – so different yet so similar.

Healthy Body & Healthy Mind = Happy Life.

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