The environment you surround yourself in matters

20 September 2021

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We are overwhelmed by so many choices on a daily basis. 

There is so much choice at our fingertips. We live in a world where we can order something online and receive it the next day rather than going in-store. When we decide we want to go out for a meal, we have to choose which restaurant we want to go to, and then what we want to eat off a menu as long as our arm. Or, what about when we try to choose what to watch on Netflix or what to listen to on Spotify. 

Have you ever noticed that sometimes we don’t actually end up making a choice? 

We scroll through Netflix mindlessly and end up watching something we’ve watched a million times before, or something we’ve chosen out of frustration because we couldn’t decide.

Is this a lesson to teach us to act local instead of global? To go back to nature and enjoy the simple things?

The environment we surround ourselves in matters.

Emotional stress from jobs, family life, or events we can’t control. Chemical stress from food, drink or medications. Physical stress from doing too much too fast, or too little for too long. All of these move us closer to a state of dis-ease.

We all need to develop habits that will move us towards love, light, patience, and perseverance, something we lack from two second dopamine hits from notifications, 10 second video clips, and super fast broadband.

Physics is the foundation of all the sciences. Yet, biologists almost always rely on the physical world of Isaac Newton, but ignore the invisible quantum world of Albert Einstein where matter is made of up energy.

Chiropractic defies Newtonian biology. It is based on energy fields and how they are influential in controlling our physiology and health. When chiropractic was created by D. D. Palmer in 1895, he recognised the flow of energy through the nervous system and how critical this energy is to health. But, in 1920, The Carnegie foundation called for all medical practices to be based on proven science.

Have these decisions played a part in where we are today in the modern world?

Everyday we all make choices that move us either closer to dis-ease or wellness. Is the current model we have for health care working? Or is it more of a sick care model?

If you Google the meaning for doctor, the first search that comes up is “a person who is qualified to treat people who are ill”. But, the word doctor comes from the Latin word for “teacher”. Instead of merely treating people when they are sick, there needs to be teachings on how to be healthy.

Take a minute to reflect on the choices you’ve had to make in the last 24 hours. Did you make them consciously and thoughtfully, or were they unconscious and thoughtless? 

We all need to be more mindful of the decisions we are making so that we can surround ourselves in an environment where our bodies can thrive.

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