Can Chiropractic help pain at such a late age?

17 February 2017

Chiropractor helping out a patient Willow Chiropractic

The most frustrating and confusing feeling is pain which stops you from ‘doing’ your life.

Disgruntled patients regularly book in with Chiropractors when their pain has reached the limit or another attempt to get healthy has ended in misery. The common thread we see is that there is some health warning or life event (like a 50th Birthday) which triggers people to start being more active and declare that they want some life changes. The sad and destructive moment comes when your body, your vessel in life, metaphorically flashes the warning light, emits grey puffs of smoke and pain sets in. When the traditional approach of rest and pain killers brings limiting improvement, people can feel strong feelings of frustration and defeat in their bodies inability to heal.

Firstly, commiserations if this applies to you or someone you know. However, there is a very simple answer… Chiropractic! Chiropractors check your spine and body regularly to prevent stiffness and problems building. The aim is that by enabling healing through correct movement, coordination and maintain central alignment for balance and proper posture you DO NOT end up being stopped by pain or limited movement.

Back pain from nowhere is confusing, particularly when you are 50 plus and never suffered too much in life. Unfortunately, the incident or action which one does at the time of the pain starting gets full credit for the problem – and the previous 50 years of an unchecked, uncared for spine despite falls and accidents get off scot free.

The importance of Chiropractic spinal care is paramount for preventing pain and problems despite one’s lifestyle. The belief that there is ‘no problem as there is no pain’ is found by many to be false. The signal of pain just hasn’t been sent yet as slow changes and gradual compensations are not deemed urgent or require immediate attention. Caring for your spine like we do our cars, teeth or waist line is being included in our lives and it is a growing cultural shift that is happening. Our mission is for each wave of retirees to believe in their bodies ‘ability to heal’ regardless of age as we witness generations of people with busy, active lives with full health confidence!

Don’t wait until your next birthday to see a Chiropractor. Keep good care of your spine in order to live a happy, healthy and active retirement.

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