Make sure you are sporting summer the right way this year with these must-do tips

02 June 2017

2 Children eating Watermelon Willow Chiropractic

Bright skies, sunny weather and an all-round happier attitude. What’s not to love about summer? Other than the fact Britain has a fierce unpredictable rain cloud waiting to pounce!

But summer can be dangerous, and I assume you clicked on this blog to find out the vital must-do tips to ensure your summer is fun, healthy and safe.

Well look no further, these tips are here to help!

First of all,

We all become obsessed with the natural UV the sun emits, it’s like a severe hibernation period is over and everyone takes to the nearest patch of grass to relax and ‘feel the rays’. More often than not, Brits are not used to this wonderful weather and seem to forget how powerful the yellow dot in the sky is, making them look like a new species of lobster.

Which leads me on to…

Tip 1:

Everyone knows how important sun cream/after sun is, so use it!

Sun cream’s primary objective is to protect your skin from the harmful rays the sun emits, without sun cream your skin will become vulnerable and come under attack, which will eventually dehydrate you and burn your skin, which is not good considering it’s our biggest organ!

Tip 2:

Water, water, water!

Hydration cannot be stressed enough in a warm climate. So many people struggle daily to consume even over a litre of water, which is mind-boggling considering we should be drinking about 2 litres per day!

Your body is made up of around 60% of water on average, so not consuming enough will only dehydrate the body, leaving it unable to think straight, make important decisions and sometimes shutting the body down completely (collapsing).

Tip 3:

Tip 3 will enable you to love the summer more than you would have ever expected. Making you move more freely, which is fantastic for all the sports you may do this year. The secret tip is… Chiropractic!

Chiropractic can enable you to follow your passion and enjoy the things you love this summer, whether that be picking up the children or getting a spot of gardening in.  

The benefits of regular treatment are:

  • It speeds up pain relief
  • Restores motion in your joints
  • Helps your body function at its highest potential
  • Works for new or old traumas

Overall, Chiropractic cannot ensure your skin is cared for in the sun but it sure can ensure your spine and nervous system is functioning at its maximum potential to get us through the summer months happy, healthy and free of pain.

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