Stay in bed and don’t feel bad about it

23 April 2020

Man sitting on a bed Willow Chiropractic

It goes without saying that to keep your body healthy during lockdown, you need to stay active. But if one day you don’t feel up to doing anything, that’s fine too. It’s important to be kind to yourself and recognise when you need a break.

People usually think this is an easier option than staying active. However, more often than not, especially during a time like this, we spend our days doing even more work (housework, gardening or DIY) to try and overcompensate for not being in a normal routine which can make ourselves prone to guilt when we do take extra time to relax.

So, how do you let yourself sleep in (or even just lounge about in bed) one morning/day without feeling guilty?

Change your mindset

Habitual feelings of guilt can be improved through a mindset change.

Remind yourself that it’s okay to occasionally stay in pyjamas, relax and not want to get out of bed. It does not mean that you are lazy or unmotivated. It’s amazing to give your mind a break. Taking more time to ourselves, tapping into our creativity and just letting our minds relax is when amazing things can happen.

Make realistic to-dos

Review your week and what remains. Which tasks need to be done urgently? Can it wait? Avoid overcommitting and leave space to relax. Be realistic and if it helps, write a list so you can check tasks off.

Rethink your priorities

Making realistic to-dos will help you rethink your priorities. Relaxing is worth enjoying and taking breaks from patterns of work is worth practising. We’ll always have things to do but overworking and stressing typically distracts us making errands take even longer with more effort.

Remember, what you are doing is enough

While you sleep and relax, your body repairs and focuses on growth. It gives your brain and body a chance to repair and restore. You get a lot done when you rest, just remember that.

Take care of yourself, focus on your recovery and tell yourself ‘what I am doing is enough.’ There is no better time to rest, learn and self-develop.

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