Aches and pains aren’t inevitable as you age, here’s why

23 August 2021

Willow Chiropractic age related pain

Society has drilled it into us that as we age, we should accept our aches and pains as “normal”. We’re here to tell you not to. Aches and pains aren’t inevitable as you age.

We are designed to be healthy. We come from a long line of people who have been healthy enough, and intelligent enough, to survive and procreate. Our bodies are extremely well-made. However, if we consistently make unhealthy lifestyle choices, such as drinking alcohol excessively or smoking every day, our expression of health will move towards sickness over the years. 

This makes it appear like our health is worse because of our age, but this isn’t true. If you move towards health each day through lifestyle choices, and with chiropractic facilitating in keeping your nervous system functioning at a high level, it’s possible to be old and perfectly healthy.

Our diets and lifestyle choices move us closer to either sickness or health. Our bodies are great at removing toxins and stressors, like alcohol, but if these toxins enter your body more frequently, your health will start to deteriorate.When we can deal with these stressors, our expression of health increases and we move further away from sickness. 

The evidence doesn’t show that as we get older we get sicker; the evidence shows that people who have lived longer in their lifestyles get sick. When we reduce our health through a series of choices, we give disease an environment where it can thrive.

If we spend 30-40 years surrounded by different types of stressors, like caffeine, alcohol, and not moving around much, we will get sick. In the beginning we won’t because our bodies can adapt and respond to these stressors. This repeated stress will eventually damage our body’s ability to adapt and that’s when we start to move towards sickness. But, being sick and feeling sick don’t go hand in hand. 

Just because you might not be suffering yet, or experiencing symptoms, doesn’t mean that the damage hasn’t already happened. We often don’t know when we are sick because our bodies take care of it for us. Our bodies fight off sickness everyday. When the level of sickness and imbalance in the body reaches a certain level, this starts to manifest as symptoms.

The majority of practitioners only try to get rid of these symptoms so that the person isn’t suffering, but they don’t try to change the direction of that person’s health. It’s widely accepted that as we get older we can’t regain our health; we just get sicker. A lot of people believe that they can’t do anything about their health because they can’t make themselves younger.

At Willow, we believe that if you start to make a series of choices towards wellness, such as attending chiropractic care, exercising, or eating healthy foods, then you will move further away from sickness regardless of your age. No matter how far you have progressed towards sickness over the years, it doesn’t mean that it’s too late to start making changes towards wellness. It’s not true that being old and sick go hand in hand.

Once we change our mindset and start to accept that we can reclaim our health, the differences you can see are incredible. Here’s Bruce’s story:

“I used to be able to walk 10 miles or so, but that became 100 yards and only being able to stand for a few minutes at a time. My pain impacted everything; I couldn’t walk, garden, cook standing up. 

I had only tried painkillers, but I only used them in the short-term because it doesn’t solve the root cause. Once my initial sciatica pain went, Dr Hardus found that I was off balance in my weight bearing. It’s taking a while to rebalance my body, but the fact that I was out of pain from sciatica was unexpected.

I am 76 years-old and I can walk for miles now more regularly, and I can lead a normal life. My main objective is to keep moving forward and maintain my current health. I would recommend it to anyone to try chiropractic.”

If you want to reclaim your health like Bruce, it’s not too late. Take that first step today towards wellness, and move further away from sickness. Click here to book your consultation.

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