Fun ways to keep your family entertained

21 May 2020

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It’s not easy keeping the family entertained at the best of times, let alone when everyone’s restricted to inside the house. To help, we’ve put together some ways to keep the fun going.

Baking and cooking

Lockdown provides the ideal opportunity to get creative with the families cooking skills. Cooking is comforting, brings families together and teaches valuable life skills. Think of theme days to base your ideas off, like Spanish tapas or French Bistro. Allow everyone the chance to experiment in the kitchen and let your kids help you meal plan. 

We’ve recently posted a couple of recipe ideas, click here to watch Dr Ryan’s Immune Boosting Smoothie or click here to watch Dr Christian’s super healthy and easy soup recipe. 

Get Active

Make exercise in your home a daily family affair and host a sports day every Friday for a little healthy competition. You have the egg and spoon race, wheelbarrow race, bean bag throwing competition, dribbling a football around cones, how many press-ups in one minute, how many sit-ups in one minute, skipping rope competitions. There’s so much you can do, especially in weather like this. 

Knitting and Sewing 

The calming effects of sewing can help people express and heal themselves. Even if you’re only just learning how to sew, you’ll find that there are plenty of ways you can make use of your newly-acquired skill. Creating clothes and fabrics can take up as much or as little time as you want – the perfect isolation hobby. The benefits of sewing are better self-discipline, an outlet for creativity and the self-satisfaction of seeing the result of your work! 

Chiropractic Assistant Mary explains in detail, click here to watch now. 

Board games and puzzles

There’s nothing better than a challenging puzzle or good old-fashioned board game. Loved by both young and old, these are an ideal way to pass the time as a family.


Whether you have a garden or a balcony, gardening is an ideal activity for all family members. Whilst trying to minimize your trips to the shops, quickly grab some plant pots, flowers, herbs and vegetables that you can look after over the next few weeks. Gardening is an ideal activity to reduce stress, frustration and boredom. 


Crafts provide endless ways to keep your family entertained during lockdown. Pinterest offers a wealth of ideas of crafts to do with your family regardless of their age or interests. Even better, combine crafts and gardening and start painting and decorating your flower pots. 

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