How to keep your spine healthy when travelling

01 August 2022

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Summer is here and many of us are going on holidays around the UK or abroad to make the most of the beautiful weather. Sitting for long periods, like on a train, a plane, or a long car journey, means that your spine isn’t moving enough. This puts more pressure on your spinal discs, muscles, and joints. 

Spinal health relates to whole-body health. When your spine is messed up, wellness is messed up. We are spine specialists, and are here to give you our five top tips for reducing the impact on your spine when travelling.  

Keep moving

Get up at least once an hour, and if you’re on a train or plane, request an aisle seat in advance. Moving around keeps the muscles and joints active. Staying active when you travel helps to improve circulation, meaning there is a healthy blood and nutrient flow to the muscles and joints.

Drink plenty of water

Your spinal discs don’t have a direct blood supply. They rely on movement and water to receive the nutrients they need to heal and to support your spine. Without enough water, the discs aren’t as supportive, which puts more stress on your spine. So, stay hydrated!

Neck pillows

Bring a neck pillow if you are planning to sleep. Neck pillows are designed to stop your neck from bending so far when you sleep. This will reduce the strain on your neck. After a long journey, it is also a good idea to do some neck stretches. Click here to watch Dr James take you through some neck stretches to relieve tension. 

Check your posture

Check your posture when you are seated by going through this checklist:

  1. Are your feet flat on the floor?
  2. Is your lower back pressed against the seat for lumbar support?
  3. Are both your ears aligned over the shoulders, without your chin jutting forward?
  4. Are your shoulders aligned over your hips to avoid hunching your back?

If you are the one driving for a long period of time, here are some tips to follow to keep your posture when driving

Chiropractic treatment

Before you go away on holiday, make sure you come in for an adjustment. This provides your spine with more support. When you are back from your holiday, make sure you come in for an adjustment. Stress or tension that has built up in your spine because of a lack of movement needs to be addressed. 

Keeping your spine healthy will give you the freedom to live your life without limits, and to enjoy your summer. We have a responsibility to look after our health better. As Chiropractors, we focus on the spine. We adjust the spine and free up the nervous system so that the body can recover from coming into contact with stressors, like sitting for too long.

If you’re ready to get back to a quality of life that offers more than you thought was possible, come in for a consultation. This is the perfect opportunity for you to talk about any pain or problems you are having, to have an examination, and talk through your medical history.

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